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Homeschool Class News, September and October 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 | 10:31 pm

We are beginning our 5th year of Homeschool Enrichment studies based on the Five in a Row curriculum, and our school year is off to an exciting start.

On Tuesdays this year, we have studied two books, Grandfather’s Journey and Storm in the Night. Both of these books have grandfather characters, so we have discussed families and talked about our ancestors. In Bible Study we have learned about families in the Bible and discussed how we don’t have to be afraid, even in a scary thunderstorm, because God is with us wherever we go. Our Geography/Social Studies lessons have been about the continents and the oceans, Japan, immigration to America, Japanese culture, family relationships and fear. In Language Arts we have discussed imagery, poetic prose, similes, italics, onomatopoeia, and descriptive contrast. Our Art lessons have focused on symbolism, intensity, formal style, origami, darkness and light, profiles, and facial expressions. In Science and Math we have talked about pollution/recycling, land types, birds, measuring time in days/weeks/months/years, clouds and thunderstorms, sources of light and quilt patterns.

On Thursdays we have reviewed letters A – D and numbers 11-14. Art:We have made “All About Me” paper robots, simple family trees, origami cats, “star in the apple” prints, and a paper quilt to decorate our room. Science: We conducted some experiments: How compressed air makes a straw stick in a potato; how steam power makes popcorn pop; how the antioxidant Vitamin C keeps fruit from turning brown; how shining a flashlight through water can create a rainbow; and how our five senses work. We had a “Green Parade,” marching through the school with signs about the 4 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, React. We handed out flyers about “Green Cleaning.” In Spanish  we have been practicing some easy words and phrases, singing the songs Hola Amigo, Siete Dias en la Semana, and Meses del Ano. The second grade has been learning phrases and words to ask questions in Spanish. Reading: We have been to the library to check out books; reviewed sight words; practiced reading to each other; played a reading game; and discussed vocabulary words. Music:  We have a Music teacher who conducts a class with the students on Thursdays. Bible Study: We have discussed how God helps us be strong, provides us with families, and gives us a Spirit of power, love and self-discipline.

This week we began our study of The Glorious Flight, the story of the French inventor Louis Bleriot who flew one of the airplanes he built across the English Channel in July 1909. We are off on a new exciting learning adventure! We plan to make our own paper airplanes and see how far we can fly!

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